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Gene expression


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Congrats Paola for your AECC Fellowhip!

Congrats Paola for your Beca de Iniciación!

Congrats Isabel for your FPI Fellowship!

Congrats Paola for your Beca de Colaboración!

Congrats Victoria for your AECC fellowship!

Congrats Ramón y Laura for beeing selected to present your work in the ASEICA Meeting 2013!

Congrats Paola for obtain A+ in your TFG defense!

Congrats Joel for your Predoctoral Fellowship!

Congrats Isa for beeing selected for oral communication in the SEBBM Meeting 2014!

Congrats Victoria for obtain A+ in your TFG defense!

Congrats Paola for obtain the Caixa Fellowship!

Congrats Álvaro for your AECC fellowship!